7 Moons


IAAA 7 Moons Art with the Moons Symphony by Amanda Lee Falkenberg

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IAAA 7 MOONS ART Video – Astronomical and Space Artists of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) contributed new and legacy art for the 7 MOONS ART Video. This video compiles a series of short 7 moon videos, and brings an artistic perspective to the inspired music of ‘The Moons Symphony’ by composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg.

7 MOONS ART Video holds together stories of astronomical art history, shows science as the basis of astronomical art, and places several of our longest standing and esteemed astronomical artists in the same show as some of our newest members from around the world.

The extraordinary 7 MOONS described in art and music include three moons of the planet Jupiter- Io, Europa and Ganymede; two moons of planet Saturn- Titan and Enceladus; one moon of the planet Uranus- Miranda; and of course, our own Earth Moon.

Individual short 7 Moons Art videos are also available for viewing at IAAA Video.