Canyonlands 1984
“Shoe Overboard!”

No written workshop report, but enjoy the pictures!


  • Don Davis
  • Andy Chaikin
  • Bill Hartmann
  • Marilynn Vicary
  • Pam Lee
  • Mary Zisk
  • Joel Hagen
  • Jim Hervat
  • Mike Carroll
  • Geoff Chandler
  • Kim Poor


Mike ,Joel, Pam, Marilynn, with Bill Hartmann making a point at Meteor Crater, AZ

Joel in an introspective moment at Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Joel with proud catch o’ the day at Lake Powell, UT

Houseboat skipper Kim at the helm at Lake Powell

Beautiful view of Canyon De Chelly

Mike, Pam on Horseback in Canyon De Chelly (w/indian guide)

Jim Hervat and friend at Canyon de Chelly

Jim wrestling with his film bag

Move back a little, Andy

Monument Valley from Totem Pole (note van at bottom right)

Yei-bi-Chei formation, Monument Valley

View from inside the houseboat on Lake Powell

View of houseboat during shore leave

Rainbow Bridge on Lake Powell

Andy marvelling at Monument Valley