The Artists’ Universe (AU) is a series of juried modular shows of space art images all painted by members of the IAAA. Artwork for the AU Modular Shows are presented in the following themes:

The Solar System
Deep Space
The Travelling Show

Future Themes:

Humans in Space
Astronomical Impressionism

The AU Modular Shows consist of 30 to 35 images per theme and are shipped in one container with slots for each painting. All art is framed and ready to hang directly out of the shipping container. A list and small previews of all the works in each theme are presented in The Artists’ Universe show brochure.  The Travelling Show is a grouping of 15 original works of art in a single shipping container.

Please take a look at the show brochure.  It is filled with amazing space art!

All images in the themed shows are high-resolution, digitally-stored files printed on high quality, archival card stock paper.

Rental costs are $600 per exhibit plus all shipping and insurance, both to be borne by the exhibitor, payable before shipment of the show.

Shipping costs may vary depending upon destination. The themed shows are shipped in a single reusable padded container that costs approximately $180 to ship in each direction.

To schedule a space art exhibit for your venue please e-mail the IAAA Director of Exhibitions at exhibits@iaaa.org.