Joining the IAAA is very simple!

Just send an e-mail to our Director of Membership at and let us know you would like to join!

Membership Benefits

IAAA Members have access to an active community of professional astronomy and space artists, as well as members-only features:

  • News
  • Articles
  • Email forum (listserve)
  • Workshop and event information
  • Critiques
  • The bi-annual Pulsar newsletter

There are several types of memberships.

Artist Member

Applicants who wish to be full fledged Artist members should prepare samples of their space art images, a bio on themselves, and a statement of intent (basically what you wish to accomplish as an astronomical artist).  Send an e-mail to the Director of Membership and you will get a reply with instructions on where to send your information and samples of your artwork.  Dues are paid in advance.  Your work will be judged by a Jury of senior IAAA members and you will receive an answer on membership within a few days.  Dues are $51 a year. 


If you paint but do not yet want to be considered for full Artist membership, you can apply as a Journeyman.  Journeyman Membership is intended for artists whose primary focus may not currently be astronomical/aerospace, they may be prolific in other subject matters and are recently entering the astronomical arena or are just starting out as astronomical artists and would like to discuss and learn the craft from some of our more seasoned members.  A portfolio of space art is not required for jurying. Journeyman members may apply to be upgraded to Artist.  Dues are $46 a year, paid in advance.  Contact the Director of Membership for instructions on joining as a Journeyman.

Associate Member

Associate membership is most appropriate for collectors, publishers, museum curators or staff, gallery owners and astronomical/aerospace art enthusiasts who may not be artists themselves.  As such, they are not required to submit a portfolio with their application.  Dues are $41 a year, paid in advance.  Contact the Director of Membership for instructions on joining as an Associate.

Professional Membership

This level is usually bestowed upon a professional organization with close ties to astronomical fields, such as an Astronomy Club or Astronomy related publication.  Contact the Director of Membership for more details.

Student Member

Students may apply for membership at a discount rate while a full-time student in high school or college utilizing the same procedures as an Associate member. Student members may not participate in shows or hold office but may participate in other IAAA activities, such as the IAAA listserve, web site access, and workshops.  Student applicants must verify their student status by providing a scanned copy of their valid student ID for the year of application.  Dues: $25 per year.  Contact the Director of Membership for more details.

That’s it!  Send us an e-mail and join up!