LACON Dinner

Not a workshop, per sé, but a gathering, nonetheless!

On August 30th, 1996, in Anaheim, California, a wonderful thing occurred—a gathering of some of the best space artists in the world.  Some were from the area, while others came to town for the world science fiction convention to show their stunning works of art.  But that Friday evening, against the odds of organization, it seemed, a good-sized group of IAAA members converged to spend the evening together.  We met as a group that evening, rekindling old friendships and sparking many new friendships as well.  En masse, we proceeded to a nearby restaurant and had a delightful evening filled with intense conversations of a wide range of topics including planetariums, painting techniques, life on Mars, deserts, polygamists, comets, UFOs, and migration patterns of rocket assisted Chevy Impalas.  The artists there that night: Beth Avery, Joe Bergeron, Dale Darby, Don Davis, Joy Alyssa Day, Don Dixon, Bob Eggleton, Bob Kline, Pamela Lee, Aldo Spadoni, and Cathie Yankovich.  We had a great time at the IAAA Dinner at LACon.  Maybe we should do this again some time…

Table #1: (Clockwise) Joy Alyssa Day, Joe Bergeron, Don Dixon, Don and Cheryl Davis, Bob Kline
Table #2: (Clockwise) Aldo Spadoni, Michael Volkmann and Cathey Yankovich, Beth Avary, Pam Lee, Alina, Bob Eggleton, Dale Darby

Joe Bergeron, Don Dixon (center looking distinguished), Cheryl Davis

Cathey Yankovich with companion Michael Volkmann and Beth Avary
Don Davis and Bob Kline