Ask anyone whose been to one and they will say the best thing about being a member of the IAAA is workshops.  We go to strange locations with exotic geology similar to places on other planets and moons, we take lots of pictures, paint lots of art, and eat lots of orange food (you’ll have to come to a workshop to find out why!).  Workshops are where we get to be around other artists who think like we do.  Here are reports from workshops of the past, we’ve had 27 so far.  Where will #28 be?  Read at your own peril!  You may find yourself overcome with the urge to grab your paints and travel to distant locations!

2020 Virtual Las Vegas Area
2017 Idaho Solar Eclipse
2014 Biosphere II
2011 Grand Canyon & Meteor Crater
2009 Kitt Peak
2008 Utah Badlands
2007 Nicaragua
2005 Death Valley II
2002 Dorset UK
2001 Astrium UK
2000 Yellowstone
1999 KSC Workshop
1997 Mount St. Helens
1996 Tenerife
1996 White Mountain, California
1995 Arches National Park
1993 Mt Wilson Observatory
1993 San Diego
1992 Ghost Ranch New Mexico
1991 Hawaii Solar Eclipse
1988 Iceland
1987 Moscow, USSR
1987 Johnson Space Center
1984 Arizona-Utah
1983 Death Valley
1982 Hawaii